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Stomp, Slip, Repeat

By December 7, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

The weather here in CO has been… wintry.  We get weeks where it doesn’t break into the 20s with tons of snow, but we also get weeks in the winter where it’s 50 degrees.  This week is not one of the mild weeks.  In fact, the weather has been blowing in cold front after cold front.  Relief is on the way next week.

The roads are snowpacked and icy.  Fortunately, that didn’t keep Jeff and I from our outdoor activities.

The Ergon FJ is NOT 4WD, but it manages ok.  My next car is going to be AWD or 4WD.  Then maybe winter won’t be so bad.

We decided to hit up Horsetooth Park in Fort Collins.  Other options we had in mind were either arctic (like -20F) or there would be moderate avalanche danger.  I am not equipped with a beacon, shovel, or probe (yet).  The backcountry can be fun, but can be dangerous if you are not cognizant of the areas where you are venturing.  Horsetooth is not all that dangerous unless you get lost!

We ended up not having to wear the snowhoes (snow was mid shin deep).   It was fun trudging through the snow and sliding coming down.  The snow, especially when it’s super cold outside, is very light and powdery.



Kerkove loves trees…and nature.


Got a little Captain in ya? (no….)


The sun was out for a little bit, but temps soon dropped to 10F, and even colder with the windchill.  A little bit warmer than the expedition on Friday, and just as fun!


We made it up to Horsetooth Rock, but had to break trail at the end. I gladly took the initiative. I had to feel under the 9 inches of snow with my poles since the trail was very rocky (and parts were covered completely in rock). It was important to make sure of your footing before taking another step forward or down you go. Yes, I did fall once. 🙂

The view at the top was… not awesome, but the hike up was fun!

Good times were had.

I need to get in some big hours of training this weekend.  It’s going to happen on the trainer, and doing alternate outdoor activities.  Hopefully the roads will thaw out, or the temps will warm up at least into the 20s later this week!


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