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Stomping Grounds

By November 27, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

The other day, my dad and I both left the house at the same time, each with our stallions. My Stallion, of course, is my Rotwild, and my dad’s stallion is his 550HP+ Z06 ‘Vette. I rode next to him (of course, he went slower so I could, haha):

I’ve been enjoying the trails (the pics all start to look the same… I know). I even got to play some tennis with my dad.





The Looneys had a great Thanksgiving with food, family time, and many things to be thankful for. Hope you did too. Today, I am taking the road bike out and hoping that the Black Friday crazed drivers don’t run me off the road! 🙂


  • Sean says:

    I have had the “all the pictures look the same” comment before too. I think it is funny that they all look alike, but I somehow find them all interesting in different ways. Singletrack is different in every area…and all of it is fun!

  • says:

    I wonder if we crossed paths? hmmmm? I didn’t see anyone wearing Ergon while I was on the trails though.

    Riding there was so sweet compared to damp and soggy Boulder.

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