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Stop being such a wuss!

By August 16, 2008March 22nd, 20174 Comments what I told myself after watching it pour rain on and off for hours in Breckenridge.  I trained all winter in the snow, why am I being so lame in August?  I loaded up my Ergon BD2 with rain gear and some warmer gloves, and tried to dodge the thunderstorms.


Sometimes computer and coffee are the way to go while your bike waits…until you get impatient and dying to ride your bike, and you head out.


Rain storms all around


A mere moment of blue skies.


My original plan before the bad weather was to ride to the top of that moutain. shoulda brought some skis!



Snow capped mountains.

I tried to ride the CO Trail at the Dredge Lot, but Mother Nature denied me.  It started hailing pretty hard partnered with thunder and lightning.  I decided to head towards Frisco and came up on another trailhead.  It was also part of the CO Trail, called Gold Hill. I climbed for about 25 minute before I had to go back.  It was misting, but pleasant out.  The trail was soft, but I wasn’t sinking in.  It was awesome!



Bl-uty Bee uuls (like someone from the UK would say. 🙂 )


Trail was a little wet, but not wet enough to sink in and cause damage.



P8163836 I’m lucky to have such great gear. 🙂

P8163837 This was on a truck!! Uhhh… could you like, not stand there and stuff?

P8163835 Mud freckles! It was funny – the air temp was chilly so that when I was exerting myself riding uphill, my body was steaming. that happens a lot in the winter. It’s neato.


  • Jeff says:

    This ride got you massive “Harden the F Up” points. Way to suck it up and get’er done!

  • Groover says:

    Just found your blog link on Donald’s Daily Draft blog. This post makes me wanna get my Mountainbike out. Beautiful shots and … I’ll never complain about our weather again. Your summer looks colder than our winter!

  • Thomas says:

    what heart rate monitor are you using if i may ask?
    i am just asking because your great computer choice (mac, yea! :)) limits the possible heart rate monitor selection, no?

  • sonya says:

    I’m using a polar F4, but it is not fancy enough to hook up to the computer. I know that the Cyclops Power Taps are very mac friendly and they have a HR monitor on them. As far as simply a HR monitor, I’m not really sure which are the best. I’m sure if you look at the boxed of different brands, they will tell you.

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