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Strange Sightings and Cycling news…

By June 30, 2006No Comments

At work this week, I have been doing some patroling around Denver…making sure the transformers, etc on the power lines are in good shape. This, of course, involves going into some interesting neighborhoods. My favorite is the big trailor parks. You will see trailors of every color of the rainbow, and best of all, the front yards are fully equipped with as many gawdy lawn ornaments as it will fit. I have seen it all, plastic ducks, geese, deer, fake flowers. Sweet. I also saw a woman yesterday “walking her dog”, except SHE wasn’t walking. The lazy ass was driving her car, holding the leash through the window, and the dog was running alongside the car. Man oh man. Today I saw two one way signs pointing in oppsite directions on the same street.

For those of you who don’t follow cycling news, there has been a huge bust in Spain for blood doping. As many as 22 cyclists have been dismissed from the tour, including the team of Liberty Seguros, AND the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place from last year’s tour- Basso and Ullrich especially! All the podium names from the tour of last year are gone. It is almost disgusting that all these guys on on drugs. If these top guys were on drugs, Lance Armstrong was certainly doped to the gills as wells. It looks like the Americans will have a chance this year. I’d put my money on Floyd Landis, Popo, or Hincapie. who knows… maybe more of these guys will get suspended. I can’t imagine preparing my entire cycling year around a race to be dismissed. They are losers and it’s highly unlikely these guys are innocent. This year’s tour will definitely be interesting. I am really disappointed because I really wanted to see Ullrich ride this tour. Looks like it’s all over for him… I tore my poster of him down. I don’t want a druggie on my wall.

I’ve also been really enjoying watching Wimbledon. It really makes me miss my tennis days. I think someday in the future, I’ll start playing competitively again. This will be Agassi’s last Wimbledon and he plays tomorrow. I am very excited to see that Pete Sampras is playing again…not major tours, but some fun matches. He used to be my hero and I was obsessed with him back in high school, so it’ll be fun to watch him again.

My weekend should be fun. Adam is coming in tonight for a quick trip. I’m racing Eldora MSC. Short track tomorrow, XC on Sunday. i haven’t raced in 3 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes! I leave on Thursday to Deer Valley Norba National in Utah. I got a round trip plane ticket for $122! Yes!

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