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An often overlooked part of endurance training is strength training for cyclists. Many of us just want to ride our bike, but we don’t realize that strength training helps us prevent injury and actually ride stronger!  Enter Derek Teel-  founder of Dialed Health and podcast host of strength training for cyclists.

Derek Teel believes in leading from the front.  From racing as a Professional Mountain Biker in enduro races to building his online and in-person fitness company, Dialed Health– he is definitely leading from the front. 

Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to success, and strength training is no exception.  Derek says you need to strength train a minimum of two times per week to see results.  He also said these sessions need to be full-body sessions.

Dialed Health’s mission is to take people to a higher level in their health and fitness through honestly assessing current health efforts and evaluating future goals. While strength training is a major focus, Derek also regularly helps people with nutrition tracking.

“The seven effective movements are these movements right here.  You have a knee dominant movement, which is something like a step-up or a lunge. You have hip dominant like a squat or a deadlift. You have core, so anything like a plank or a Paloff press. You have horizontal push which is like a push-up. Horizontal pull which is a row. and then vertical push and pull which is like a shoulder press and a pull up for example. So you basically want to stop looking at specific moves and start looking at everything like movements, because you only have a couple days a week… so also that parameters of two days of strength training is the minimum based off of supercompensation.”

-Derek Teel

Seven Effective Movements for Strength Training

  • knee dominant movement: step up or lunge
  • hip dominant movement: squat or deadlift
  • core: Plank or Paloff press
  • horizontal push: push-up
  • horizontal pull: row
  • vertical push: Shoulder Press
  • vertical row: Pull Up

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Nutrition for cyclists & measuring your calories
  • Portion control 
  • Weight loss for performance
  • The 7 Effective Movements
  • Balancing strength and endurance training
  • How to time strength training with cycling intervals
  • Strength vs mobility
  • Crash resilience
  • What you need for your home gym

Strength Training for Cycling Exercises

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Great for low back pain!

Lay on the ground with your feet planted and knees bent at about 90°. Now, try to eliminate the space between the floor and your lower back by simultaneously contracting your lower abs and “tucking” your hips. Reinforcing the brain/muscle connection with your lower abdominals can help keep them more active while riding, reducing strain on your lower back. Do 10 slow reps before each workout or ride.

What You Need For a Home Gym

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