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By December 29, 2008March 22nd, 20172 Comments

It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky…Sunday was a 5 hour ride to finish up the training for the week, topping out at 22.5 hours in the saddle and feeling good!!! Here are some pics from the ride:

PC285408 Rode down to the Bosque path, as usual. This time, I went South all the way and then turned around and came back. I used to get on a road that went west to these small volcanoes. A few years ago, a van pulled out 50 yards in front of me and dumped 2 huge bags, peeled out, and left. Riding by, it looked like dead bodies of small humans. I even saw an ear. One panic attack and 2 guys riding in my direction later, we found that it was the body of 2 huge dead dogs. 1) Sketchy 2) Wrong 3) Not riding that way alone again.

PC285406 A realtor sign. Fun.

I went up Tramway as usual… pretty cool. 1000′ of climbing in maybe 7 or so miles. I started riding some of my favorite short climbs. Here in ABQ, we call them “the fingers.”

Starting with La Luz:
PC285411 2 miles, 1000 ft of climbing.


PC285415 Why is the road called Tramway? There is a tram that used to be the world’s longest tram, going from 6000′ to the peak of the Sandias at 10,500′. It’s pretty cool. So I rode to the tram house for fun.

Then I road up toward Elena Gallegos – a trailhead/rec area.
Instead of riding more road climbs, I hopped on the foothills trails for a loop and headed home.

After that, it was hanging out with the Blickems and Moriartys, dinner and beers (CHAMA BREWERY!!) with my dear friend – Jeff H, and then another beer with my old office mate, Jason. It was a great day. I very much love Chama’s Sleeping Dog Stout. Yowzers, makes my palette purrrrrrr.

I enjoyed my rest day today although there was not much rest involved!!! I worked in the morning, then had a spicy New Mexican lunch at Sadies with my family. I have been going there ever since I was a little girl. I used to put honey on the chips and eat BLTs there because I used to hate spicy food!!! 🙂 I hung out with some great friends from high school at Satellite, cooked dinner with the folks, and then met my friend Jolene (we have been buddies since 4th grade) at Flying Star. I love all these places. I think Flying Star would make a KILLING if there was one in Boulder.

It was a great trip, but all great things must come to an end. I am going back to Boulder tomorrow after doing a 3.5 hour ride on the trails in the early AM. It is always a bittersweet ending because the second I get back to Albuquerque, it feels like home. I feel like I have a life in 2 places half the time. No matter, I will be back to the Querque in 1 week’s time to finish up my base miles with a 30 hour training week. Zoom zoom… or maybe more like put… put… pffffff… maybe. This week will be 26 hours of aerobic fun. I’ll be going home to Mr. Kerkove and the flatirons. Things to look forward to! We are going snowshoeing for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, so that will be great fun to go trudge around in the big mountains. I will be equipped with hot chocolate in my thermos, and champagne in my hydration bladder. 🙂


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