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Supa fly XC

By April 6, 20087 Comments

The XC went much better than the last two days.  I don’t know if it’s because it is not as intense, or because the antibiotics are finally exiting my body, but I felt different today.  Granted I’m still not flying right now, but it was a pleasant experience and I was able to push it.

The start was pretty rough as usual. There’s about 50 yards of road until it bottlenecks onto twisty, tight singletrack with no passing.  I had a half decent start, but after 15 minutes I got passed by about 10 people because I was too tired to keep up the pace.  The rest of the race was great.  My Cannondale Scalpel was PERFECT for the course.  A lot of pro women prefer hard tails, but I am partial to a full suspension.  It was evident through the rock gardens where I would come up on people like a bat out of hell! 😉  I am an idiot and I needed to put a setback seatpost on my mountain bike.  I forgot to do it after my fit and I was paying dearly for it all weekend.  I was sitting way off the back of the seat which ended up biting me in the ass at the start of the second lap.  My back and hips seized up during the second lap and I had to slow down and was peddling squares.  Fortunately my body somehow recovered from that and I was able to go full throttle again after about 5 minutes.  I was also suffering numbness in my left foot.  I have to figure that out. I lost a couple spots though.  People were dropping like flies from mechanicals on that course.

I got outsprinted at the end for 31st place.  It was an amazingly close race.  Between 27th and 31st was less than 30 seconds.  Of course I would have loved to finish even further ahead, but considering how I’ve been riding all weekend and it was my first race of the year, I’ll take it with a smile.  Sobe Cannondale had a great showing this weekend. Good job guys!

Thanks again to Eric and Chris for all the support and to my travel buddies.

Me and Jenna.  She had some great rides this weekend finishing in the top 10.

Congrats to Lynn for taking first in the expert omnium.  Yeah… I torture everyone with my camera.  Eh well.

See ya in Fruita next weekend.  Time to go home and recover.


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