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Sweet dreams are made of these…

By July 21, 2008March 22nd, 20174 Comments


made of riding on the Colorado Trail the day after a SICK race. 🙂 I ventured out on my own and did a SWEET loop that Coach told me about. I thought I was in Heaven, or at least hoped that is what it is like. I felt actually decent the day after… definitely a bit tired, but still able-bodied and wanting to ride longer than the 3 hours prescribed. I think I felt alright because I was very careful with nutrition for the race. I consumed 6 bottles and 5 Gus during the race, and also drank 3.5 L of water in the morning. Yes, I am a sweat beast. Need hydration.

I finally got to do a long enough ride where I used my Ergon BD2 pack for mountain biking. I was even more impressed. I have always hated mountain biking with stuff hanging on my back because it’s heavy, it moves around, it makes my shoulders hurt. So much that I usually stuff my pockets with bottles. There were moments that I actually FORGOT I was wearing anything on my back and it was not cumbersome AT ALL on the ripping fast descents. In fact, it stayed in one place.

My toys My best friends for the day. Woodland friends. My Hydrapak 70 oz. bladder fit nicely.

CO Trail Mmm Hmm

Game on!

Stupid beetles Some people don’t believe in global climate change and look the other way. Believe it. These trees are dead b/c of the pine beetles. Why? Because it isn’t getting cold enough in the winter to kill them off…so instead, they are killing my glorious pine trees. Pretty soon, all that will be left is pine tree air fresheners for my car. ugh.

View from CO Trail

View from CO Trail I’ll have my singletrack EXTRA single please!

View from CO Trail

bike and directions holder I was able to put my direction in the top of my fork. A bike of many uses…

Video attempt number 2. Need to learn to ride one-handed a little smoother. 🙂 I need a helmet cam…..

dude... sweet tanlines I forgot to include this in my last post. Ummm…. someone has a riding addiction, or just likes to go sit in the tanning booth for hours on end, ripe in the chamois!


  • Jeremy says:

    Hey, congrats on the race…its awesome to see other fellow burque cyclists out in the world….I actually watched a race in NM with you and Nina Baum a few years back…cool to see you still kicking butt. I love the trail shots on your page. I’ve been thinking of taking my wife for a weekend getaway in colorado for some sweet x-c riding, more novice trails for her though, any suggestions we have already been to steamboat?

  • sonya says:

    Hey Jeremy!! Yes! A fellow Querquian. That’s funny that you saw me and Ms. Nina racing. 🙂 You should definitely take a little mtb vacation. That’s the best thing ever.

    I’d recommend actually going to Durango because it’s close to ABQ. There are some awesome trails behind the college, and really, all over the area.

    The CO Trail around Breck is super awesome, and there are a lot of cool trails in the Front Range if you’re looking for a longer drive. check this out:

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks Sonya…I will check that out. Actually my wife and I live in Omaha Nebraska now after having moved out here a couple years ago for work…we travel frequently to NM…its a long drive but we prefer driving to flying so that we can bring the ever important bikes along with us. The Front Range is probably easier and more accessible. I was hoping to find something that we could reach from maybe Golden or Boulder (where we would likely stay) for some nice day trips over a long weekend.

    As for the racing yeah it was cool to see. I was in grad school at UNM at the time. Did you ever race down in Socorro? I remember doing the chupadera 100k xc but not finishing (3 flats and a bonk) and I think I saw you there also

  • sonya says:

    Front Range has some great rides!! In Golden: Chimney Gulch/Apex, Golden Gate Canyon, White Ranch, Green Mountain in Lakewood, and there is some great stuff in Conifer and Evergreen. Around Boulder, there isn’t a heck of a whole lot, but if you go up the canyon about 40 min, there is some AWESOME singletrack up around Nederland, St Vrain, Eldora, Sugarloaf(I think is what it’s called).

    I did race the 100K down in Socorro, I think 4 years ago! That race is rough…lots of desert and sand. thanks for remembering!!

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