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Sweet variability

By December 10, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

The sun came out by the time it was time for me to leave on my ride, and the roads weren’t as snowy and wet in Boulder. I opted to leave out one layer of clothing – the fleece pants and Montbell Crag jacket. It was still about 25F outside, but the glorious sun turned my frown upside down.

The gortex pants were a nice option and my derriere stayed dry. Only 15 miles N of Boulder, the roads appeared to be dry and there was hardly any snow. I felt a little silly for wearing the gortex after that, but I kept them on as an extra layer.

The pack was great other than the fact that all the stuff IN the pack was weighing me down. Fortunately, the only time I could tell that I had 15 extra lbs on my back was when I tried to ride up some of the small hills. I had the shocks on the Rottie locked out and the bike rode like a rigid bike.

I decided to stay in FoCo for another day, so I will do my 3 hour ride today and head up Rist Canyon, and will ride back to Boulder tomorrow.

Oh yeah… I went to Odell Brewery yesterday and they had one of my all time favorite beers on Nitro – the Cutthroat Porter.
Picture 2 This beer is almost coffee flavored with caramel undertones… (in my opinion anyway!)
Nitro is a very special treat. It’s like drinking a beer smoothie. The head on a nitro beer is also so much better than CO2. So smooth, so soft. I just wanted to stick my face in it…oh, and I did. 🙂 Too bad I was minus a camera.

One Comment

  • Jame says:

    My roommate, his girlfriend, and I all managed to buy six-packs of the Cutthroat this weekend. Our fridge is a happy place!

    That said, after my snow run yesterday (I’ll post it sometime today as soon as I get the pics up) I’m waiting till the afternoon to run today

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