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Race day is tomorrow. After working the Ergon booth all day, I got to see who is here… the men’s and women’s races are both stacked!!! It’s going to be fun and a pleasure to race with such strong women who will hopefully push me to my limit!!


Tomorrow morning will be chilly, and over 1000 riders will line up at this very start line at 730 AM tomorrow… and we will see it again after we complete 50 miles of racing and 7200′ of elevation gain. Bring it on, baby!


When we arrived yesterday, the drive into Prescott was cloudy, but nothing too crazy.

But alas, the clouds swooped down dropping 1/2 inch of groppel. It was actually kind if fun. I missed pine trees and loamy singletrack, so Prescott was a welcoming sight.


I’m trying a new gel flask tomorrow I picked up at Sea Otter, make by Hydrapack. It wasn’t too expensive, and it’ll get smaller in my pocket as I consume my Power Gels.

Yuki and Sinjin, part of our posse from Colorado

My new favorite sticker from Chris

…and a few openers on course today. Due to all the rain/snow, the singletrack grabs your tires like velcro. It’s going to be FAST! zooooooom…..!!!!!!


MMMM, yummy fun.

The hardest part about tomorrow will be the cold, early morning followed by a fast, steep start. Time to take my Acid Zapper, hit the hay, and hope for good legs in the AM. See ya on the other side of 50!


  • Mike says:

    Good Luck Sonya (and Jeff and Yuki, although the race is probably over by now)! Thanks for the posting, that trail looks way cool, kind of wish I signed up for it. Only if I had more vacation time… maybe next year. Too bad you Ergon guys don’t get commission on products you talk about, Hydrapack just got a sale from your post! I was in need of a good hydration bladder that is easy to clean since I use mine so infrequently I forget to empty it and it ends up too disgusting to try to clean. Anyway, see you guys at the FR50 in two week! -Mike

  • Paul says:

    Hello Sonya,
    Hope you had a great race!
    I have one question hope you have time to answer? I noticed in a previous post that you were training with a Suunto T6 and also in another post you were using a mac, could you let me know what training software you use to compile your training data, do you use windows machine for data or windows (boot camp) on your mac? Noticed that the Suunto doesn’t support mac natively.
    All success to you and your team this year, keep up with a wonderful blog!

    Thank you for your time,


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