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Tasting the prize

By November 22, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

In August, I won a race called Pierre’s Hole that was super fun! A part of the prize were specialty brews from Grand Teton Brewing. I have been saving the spoils for the holidays, so my dad and I could share and taste it together. He has been a home brewer for 12 years, so it makes it fun to hear his opinion as well.

We did a little research on Doppelbock since we usually are drinking stouts or IPAs.

Thanks Grand Teton for the great prizes! I also have the Weizenbock, but that will be sample another day.

The beer pours nice, with about 2 fingers of head.


It had a very full flavor, and was heavy in the mouth. It reminded me of Scottish style ales – pretty sweet tasting compared to the smoky stouts or hoppy IPAs I occasionally drink. Bready, malty, and fun to drink.

And then I got to eat the best Red Chile Enchiladas (my mom makes them for me every time I come home and they are the best. I could eat the whole tray!)

I love New Mexican food, and I miss that when I’m in Colorado!

I am excited to visit Chama Brewery while I’m here too. Sleeping Dog Stout rules. I only drink a couple beers a week (and even less during the season), so I make them count!!

One Comment

  • Eric says:

    I am envious here I sit in South Carolina with a cup of soup and a Root Beer for dinner, and you have what looks to be some great beer and a wonderful home cooked dinner.
    Congrats on the win as well,

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