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Teva Interview and San Diego (late post…)

By June 14, 2008March 22nd, 2017One Comment

I still have not gotten my hands on a copy of me actually talking and looking like a dork, but here are some pics anyway. The girl that interviewed me was so cute and tiny, I wanted to put her in my back pocket and carry her around. hehe Needless to say, I look like the Hulk. My coworkers were all laughing at these photos because I look huge. Plum TV was incredibly nice and friendly, and Fuse Marketing did a great job as well. I actually had a good time, and despite drinking Sobe Adrenaline and getting all caffeinated, I felt like I remained calm. Well, as calm as I am normally. 😉

Talking to the report, Jenise, about travel, fitness, and training.

You’ll be happy to know that I got my camera battery charger back. I went to San Diego 2 weeks ago for some R&R since I couldn’t race or ride…but I left my charger there by mistake. I guess I owe you pics from that trip too. Here are a few.

We went to Stone Brewery which was an extra special treat. This was pre-giving up beer for the rest of the season. I had to wait till this event. It was impressive, and the beer was very very good, but I am still partial and biased to my Colorado breweries like Odells, Avery, and Twisted Pine.
All the taps. They were really good tastes, but actually a little stingy with the tasters. You got 4 which is good, but you couldn’t buy any tastes. I wanted to taste a couple extras. Jeez.

That is a LOT of gallons of oak soda.

I got the big cup, but don’t worry, I didn’t fill it up all the way

Had to try out some local San Diego coffee shops and see how they faired in the latte world. Pretty good, and nice outdoor seating. Dan and I were both happy with our coffees.

Saw the ocean.

Beach was still cold to actually go in the water…nothing compared to my ice baths though! 😉
There are actually furry palm trees. I was in shock and awe.  Still nothing like pine trees though.

Went out to breakfast a lot. This is a PANCAKE. I swear, they have the biggest pancakes everywhere in San Diego. I ate a pancake (or part of one…) the size of my head. Actually, even bigger. Ok, this particular one is larger than most of the ones I got, but this place, “The Original Pancake House” is famous for this pancake. My friend Brad ate that whole pancake, most of an omelette, and TWO cherry crepes. He was doing it to see how much he could shove down. Eating his stuff, and then me and Megan’s breakfasts. It made me sick just watching…I have videos of it. Let me know if you want to see.

These glasses belong to Megan, but I needed to try.

Yeah, not my look.

They like big glasses in Cali. I’m a fan of my Smith Theory glasses, always have been…but I had to at least try these huge (insert mad lib ____ ) goggles on.

Aw Saturday- I am going mountain biking up at nederland in an hour or so. That will be my first time this year. I can’t wait! 🙂 I will be taking some photos for you, fear not.

The no beer or gluten diet is going well so far. Since I did it for like 6 months last year, it’s actually not that hard. My wonderful friend Liz decided I needed a treat, so she even made me peanut butter gluten free cookies. If she was a guy, I’d probably marry her. haha

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