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Is it really May?  Based on this crazy spring we’ve been having here in the Front Range of Colorado, one would never guess it that it’s already May!  We are still getting snow and rain.  Not massive amounts like before, but enough to make your summer-longing soul feel a little crushed.  Looking on the bright side is that things will be green and fresh for even longer once summer sets in, and the creek will be full for long meaning one thing – swimming holes!

I managed to keep things rolling despite nasty weather surprises.  One thing is certain, it’s beautiful here.  Enough that every single day I appreciate the world I live in and take notice the moments that take my breathe away.  I think it’s easy to go on auto-pilot and miss the little things that make life especially precious.  Here’s a few ride pics from the week:


I love it when Marshall Mesa is green. It makes me want to roll around in the grass.



Yup, this was Thursday. I have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of my mountain bike fenders this year since for some reason, I can’t bring myself to ride the pavement. Must be dirt…even if it’s a road!

Muddy Contie rubber.


Today, I rode in Golden. Chimney Gulch/Apex are dry for anyone wondering! There were some dark, evil looking storm clouds that made me pack my rain jacket. Fortunately, I didn’t need it.


I am officially committing to not only the XC at the Teva games, but also the 10K trail run. I got motivated and actually got out and ran 4 times this week (20 miles). I was able to get through my runs pretty easily, but would be sore the next day making training on my bike kinda hard this week. I also am back at my yoga after being gone. All these activities are leaving me mildly sore, but enough to effect my bike workouts. I’m hoping by next week, my body will re-adapt and I can work on being strong all-around instead of just pedaling. It’s a fine balance because to be a fast bike racer, you have to dedicate yourself almost solely to the bike. However, it makes you weaker at anything but cycling! I am trying to find the right balance and loving doing other things in addition to riding. The funny thing today was that after riding Chimney Gulch (it’s about 4 or 5 miles of singletrack to the top and a little less than 2000′ of elevation gain), I ran the first 2.5 miles and 1100′ of gain up (and complained in my head about it all the way back down…I hate running downhill) and it almost seemed easier to run just because I think cycling is a lot more painful as far as suffering is concerned.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week…race week! I have the Front Range 50 on Saturday. Hopefully going on these runs won’t mess me up for the race!

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