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By September 5, 20084 Comments

TGIF and I’m not going anywhere this weekend. I’ve been laying low the last few days, working, and trying to ride. I think my entire body is focusing on healing my back because I was able to hop on the saddle yesterday, and man, my legs are still very fatigued. I was riding up 4 mile canyon in disbelief yesterday and I was in my 27 and having to stand up to pedal. This is a canyon I usually use for zone 2 or even recovery rides. Speaking of my back, it now looks like an art project now that the bruising is well settled in. The muscle pain is starting to subside, but is still very noticeable and I’m still eating ibuprofen like candy. Eh well. You gotta push your limits to get faster, and that’s no lie.

I got my bike back from Luby at Dirt Labs, and he has resurrected my Lefty. I guess you need to reset the bearings every now and then. Turns out I was missing about an inch of travel. That HAS to be why I crashed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Big thanks to him for a super fast turn over and he was so gentle and good with my hot, badass baby. Meanwhile, the guys at The Fix fixed my broken spoke on my Mavic Crossmax wheel. I really like these wheels…always wanted to try them and I am not let down. I also am back to bar ends. This is the first year I haven’t used them, and I miss them dearly. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s like I still try to put my hands where the bar ends would be, but miss out on the torque. I have been using and loving with all my heart, the Ergon GX1 grips. I just got someErgon GX2 Carbon grips that are going on my bike STAT. They are sooooo cool. The bar end is integrated into the grip and they are light and give me all the comfort I could ask for. Watch out hills, I’m adding torque to my engine. Kind of like a luxury car with a Bugati engine…. or hell, just a bugati. ๐Ÿ˜€

This weekend will be full of mountain biking, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends. My social life outside of cycling suffers a bit during the race season since I’m out of town so much. I think this is the first weekend I’m not racing or traveling in months. Fortunately the weather will be warmer. It is 49 degrees and raining here today. Brrrr…..


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