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That sucks…

By February 25, 20094 Comments

Looks like DZ got robbed. That’s a lot of sweet stuff to lose. Poor guy…

See the article here.


  • Brandy says:

    What kind of neighborhood does he live in? Didn’t the neighbors see ANYTHING? This is sad, most of this stuff is not replaceable.

    p.s: love your blog! Keep up the good word.

  • Nick says:

    I was surprised to see cars missing also. They must have had a pretty big get away vehicle. Hope they catch the scum.

  • Guitar Ted says:

    The invasion of your privacy like that is pretty horrible. I hope David is able to recover from it quickly and get his stuff back soon.

  • Big Dave says:

    Z lives in one of the sweetest ‘hoods in SLC. I’d be really disappointed if his house didn’t have a sick alarm system….especially as often as he is not home. I’m even more floored that no neighbors saw anything. If he had an alarm system, then it was some true pros who did that job. Good luck to them on selling any of that stuff.

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