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That's niiiiice!

By November 21, 2007March 22nd, 20176 Comments

It’s good to to be home. I have been here three days, but it actually feels like many! Vacations are never as restful as you think they are going to be, but I never said action-packed was bad! I have been working in the mornings– we are super busy at Sunflower and I don’t mind making some money while I’m here instead of a week of making a big fat zero. I rode in the foothills both Monday and Tuesday. It always feels great to get back and ride on the trails I first went mountain biking on. Plus, they seem a lot easier now because I’m used to brutal climbs in Colorado. The seemingly flat riding is a good break although there’s a couple tough sections. It was pretty sandy, so it’s a good thing we are getting some moisture in the next couple of days. I have been hanging out with the fam in the afternoon/evenings, and then seeing my brother and friends at night. Of course, that means not much sleep. Staying out till 2 AM is not conducive to a restful vacation, or a fast 10K for that matter. However, I did everything wrong for the half marathon (not training, eating pizza and beer the day before), so to heck with it!! I am always glad to have a good crew here in Albuquerque although a lot of my girlfriends moved away. They will mostly all be back for Xmas though. Yaaay!

It snowed 5 inches in Denver today. I can’t say I’m disappointed to miss the first bigger snow of the year. I think it’s going to hit us down here tomorrow.

I drove my dad’s sweet corvette today. I need to drive it again b/c it’s frightening to drive a 7 L, 500 HP car when you drive a lawnmower for a car. 🙂 I thought I was being badass and accelerating fast. Turns out, no so badass. I have to learn how to really drive a race car… like let the engine re-re-rev up more before shifting. It was enough to make me sweat though!

I have been taking photos, but forgot my data USB cord. I’ll see what I can do. My dad wanted to take a picture of me with his car…so here is one for you motorheads.

My dad’s pride and joy. he’s been taking it to the race track. suuweeet!

This one is pretty funny… I think the corvette is hotter. 😉


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