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That's the way I like it.

By February 28, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

After wrestling with my road bike for awhile and getting my new FSA SLK carbon bar, WTB saddle, and Thompson seatpost and stem on my road bike, I was ready to get out and test my new set-up. Results? My crotch didn’t hurt and my hands didn’t go numb. Great success! The FSA bar was my favorite of the new bike porn. It’s all ergonomic and stuff!

Picture 1

Power file. My power numbers and HR were a little off. Fortunately the power was pretty high for the given HR.   My HR should have been higher with the effort, but as long as the power numbers are up, I don’t care.  I don’t mind that so much… I am definitely getting pretty tired from the workouts so far this week, but just one more day of riding and I get to rest for a day.  I went to yoga a lot last year, and am ancy to go.  I just hate how freaking expensive it is.  Boo on that.


I usually take the mountain bike when I ride to Gold Hill b/c the gravel roads are steep, and sometimes can be nasty.   Today was no exception.  Once I hit the dirt, I found it difficult to go fast.  There was a fresh coat of gravel, so if I stood up to pedal, I’d loose traction.  Seated, it’s a bitch to turn it over on the steep sections.  In addition, today it was extra washboard-y.  Now if only my abs were that way!

I love climbing.  LOVE IT!  I usually love descending too, but not today.  I had to go really slow due to the road conditions, and I figured out what bolts I didn’t tighten down enough this morning.  😉  I went up Sunshine Canyon, and down 4 mile.  I like the Sunshine climb better, but the 4 mile Canyon descent is always WAY colder.  I had to stop a few times and shove my hands in my armpits b/c I couldn’t feel them anymore!


P2286043The skies were blue and the air was clear today.  The views were breath-taking.  I can’t wait to go ride my bike above 10,000 ft.

I heart mountains.  Couldn’t live without ’em.

So that was another 2.5-3 hour day.  Check!  I am definitely tired and sore from all the riding this week.  I haven’t done this many hours in several weeks so my body is feeling it big time.  Just one more day till I can rest.  We’ll see how things go tomorrow. It may be just an easy recovery spin day! We shall see.


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