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Sometimes it’s hard to have clarity around your vision or to take the big steps needed to create positive changes. There are many paths to success and I’m excited to introduce you to Andrew Sillitoe’s 4 Keys. Andrew is a former professional roller hockey player turned speaker, author, and coach. His recent book, The 4 Keys is a powerful tool for implementing a unique system to be successful not only in your business, but in your relationships, your health, and in your mind.

I love this episode because we discussed several ways to get unstuck, how to prioritize what’s important, time management, taking person responsibility for your action, and the power of a vision board. Andrew believes in setting lofty goals so that you can take big leaps to improve who you are and what you are doing on the way to getting there.


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • Andrew’s career path
  • Passion vs obsession
  • The 4 Keys to Success
  • how to make time
  • how to take responsibility for your actions
  • the power of a vision board
  • crushing your self-limiting beliefs
  • how to structure your day

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