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The Boulder Yuppie- Guest Post

By July 13, 2008No Comments

I was out walking around my ‘hood with my former roommate and one of my BFFs, Miss Liz, the other day. I was telling her how my parents called me a yuppie and was slightly offended because dang it! I’m nice! I always assume yuppie has a negative connotation, but Liz informed me that I am “boulder yuppie.” Just bursting through the door from Snowmass/Aspen, I am now well aware that there are several different brands of yuppies. Liz used to maintain a blog that was one of my primary sources of entertainment and has shut that down the last year. I asked her to do a guest post about The Boulder Yuppie. She clearly did NOT use my life as an example. 😉

___The Boulder Yuppie by Liz Dinwiddie (i.e. Lizzle Dinwizzle)_________
In a town that prides itself on it’s individualism you may be surprised to learn the rate of its occupants turning into a special breed of conformist: The Boulder Yuppie. Sonya swears she knows nothing about the intricacies of TBY so, dear readers, she asked me, Liz, to write a guest post about the details. To give a taste of what Boulder is looking like these days, I will take you through a typical day in the life of The Boulder Yuppie.

The Boulder Yuppie wakes up in their condo, hopefully near the mountains, full of ideals and thoughts on how to make the world a better place. They will make their organically grown, free trade coffee that they got from Brewing Market. If the Yuppie has time, they might check email or facebook on their Macbook and if not they will head to work.

They frequently wear spandex to work. No, not the Spanx undergarments; the kits that allow them to ride their bike to their job. Granted they have fashion sense and they will change into their North Face or Prana skirt once arriving at work. And of course, the outfit will be completed with a pair of Dansko clogs. The paycheck is usually earned in a science or nature related field. If they want extra yuppie points they work in environmental science- something like solar power. If they didn’t opt to ride to work, TBY most likely drove her Subaru. Did you know Boulder has the highest number of Subarus per square mile in the country? Within the city limits is also the largest independent Subaru dealer: SuperRupair.

After work and on the weekend most Boulder Yuppies will be found on the trails. There are various types of trails to chose from, the citizens of the Republic of Boulder made sure of that when they created the Greenbelt and Open Spaces around town. There are mountain bike trails, paved multi use paths, and of course hiking trails. Despite Boulder’s reputation of being mountain bike friendly, there are not as many trails as most mountain bikers would like. The paved multi use paths are more like bike highways mimicking L.A. and the hiking trails are infested with people who start of hiking and end up trail running halfway through their walk.

After their daily exercise The Boulder Yuppie will often head to one of the multitude of microbreweries that dot the town. These breweries have tours and video games. A true Boulder Yuppie will buy the brewery’s shirt so they can receive a free pint at every future visit.

The Boulder Yuppie will ride their bike back to their condo to dream about the many ways they are an individual in this exceedingly conformist, materialistic American society. After reading this full, honest, and totally unbiased description can you think of any bloggers who might fit the Boulder Yuppie profile? Yeah, me neither.

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