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The deep freeze is over…. till Saturday!

By January 24, 2007One Comment

Just a quick update…having a busy week, but I don’t want to leave my friends in the dark!! 🙂 The weather has finally decided to throw me a bone. It’s been in the mid forties all week, and they are forecasting 55 tomorrow! I know the weatherman is just a big tease and will probably leave me with blue….. lips…. but, here’s to hoping breaking 50 tomorrow. Unfortunately, (insert sound of doom), it is suppose to snow Saturday and various days next week. Fortunately, next week is my rest week(and consequently an epic work week) so I don’t really care if it snows. Do your worst! (okay, I take it back…)

Training is going really well, I’m coming into my base fitness quite nicely. Some of the rides are painful since I’m weight training and riding on the same day at times. Sore legs + going uphill = baaad news and me hoping I don’t see anyone I know. 🙂 I’m hoping to finish up this week with 18 hours under my belt, one of the biggest weeks of the year. I have one more month of base, and then I get to crank it up a notch and start doing intervals and climbing. I can’t wait!! That’s my favorite. Nothing like getting agro up a canyon.

OH yeah, I almost forgot. I’m going to Hawaii in August. booooyaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 🙂

One Comment

  • leapnlzrds says:

    please don’t dare it to snow!!!!!! my last roommate declared on the first day of a snow last year, “i want it to snow for 6 more days.” and it dumped for the next 6 days! i’m supersticious now about roommates wishing for snow……..

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