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The Dirty South

By March 26, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I had originally planned to ride the Dirty Bismark today… a Boulder loop I had never even heard of until last week. I really have to give the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance a huge high five… I’ve lived in Boulder for 5.5 years, and in that time, they have made MASSIVE headway on the trails in South Boulder County. Wow. There are probably 40 miles of dirt road, double track, and trails you can loop together. I didn’t measure exactly, but something like that. Thank you BMA for all you do! My favorite new trail I had never ridden (I bet it’s been there awhile too!) was the High Plains trail. It’s a short section of singletrack, but I loved it.

After I rode the Dirty Bismark, I had to cross 93 and ride all the Flatirons Vista and Prairie Vista trails. Granted the pace was mellow, but it was a good ride today. It was cloudy, but the light was perfect, even for my iphone camera. I’m sorry to report I’ve had some camera carnage lately, but I have one under repair, and I broke down and just bought one in the meantime that is on its way. I simply take too many photos to be camera-less for even a few weeks! The Iphone has been doing great though, it’s just not very user friendly with gloves on my mountain bike!

I ended up riding all the trails in South Boulder today, so I will now deem this ride “The Dirty South.” It’s a great 3 hr recovery ride!!! Or good for tempo riding… there isn’t a whole lot of elevation gain, something like 2000′ so it’s relatively flat. It mixes up some fun rocky sections, flowing fast sections, super smooth road bike worthy dirt sections, and killer views. I pulled over several times in awe, saying “WOW!!!” before I snapped a photo.

Here are some of the sights. I love the vanilla blonde fields. The color is striking.


Dust off that mountain bike this weekend! It’s light till later too, so you have plenty of time!




I’ve been asked about my photography a little bit on twitter/facebook. I do spend a little bit of time with each photo in iphoto to make the photos a little bit juicer. One day, I’d love to get a big, fancy camera and take a photography class. I take soooo many photos as it is. It’d be fun to get more artistic and creative with it.



Tomorrow, I’m heading to Fort Collins to pick up my NEW HARDTAIL! We changed frame sponsors this year to Canyon. The hardtail is the Grand Canyon CF. I can’t WAIT to meet one of my new loves tomorrow. Check back soon for some photos of it. Bike porn, you can just smell it!

I’m almost back to feeling 100%!!! 9 more days of pills, but I feel good. Hopefully soon, I’ll start feeling good on the bike again. I admit that I’m sore from riding this week, and I haven’t even really ridden that much and with little elevation gain compared to what I normally do.

Mantra: Patience. Patience. Patience.

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