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The Final Countdown

By July 26, 2011March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Ok, in my head I was singing the song and laughing when I wrote the title of this post, but seriously… the days are numbered to August 1.

There was some bad news last week. My left knee started hurting the night after the B-68. I toughed it out on Sunday. I got to do a CTR training ride with Dave H, Lynda, Jeff, and Jon Davis the day after the B-68. I rode, but took it easy the rest of the week.


Breckenridge - Georgia Pass - Colorado Trail
There was some pushing…

Breckenridge - Georgia Pass - Colorado Trail
Georgia Pass

Breckenridge - Georgia Pass - Colorado Trail

I had to turn around and go home on Thursday because my knee was hurting to a point where I didn’t want to mess with it, and Friday’s ride plan was more important. After a lot of ice and other remedies, it didn’t feel as tweaky at the start of the ride Friday.

Friday, Jeff and I rode up to Mt. Evans. I had never ridden there before and the grade of the rode is not super steep, so I was able to ride easy. My knee hurt on and off. I decided that after the ride, to call it. I took Saturday-Monday off the bike. It was actually convenient since I worked all weekend including the Urban Assault in Denver.

Here are some amazing photos from the spin up to Mt. Evans… 14,129′!

Mountain goats. I wonder what their hematocrit is! :)



Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans
The top! There was some old guy in white linen pants who kept walking in the picture. It was pretty funny.

Mt. Evans

After 3 days off and taking care of my knee, I got back on the bike today with zero pain. I still took it easy, but I am pleased that it’s feeling better. Tendonitis is probably one of Houdini’s curses… it goes away just as abruptly as it appears. I came up to Breckenridge yesterday to hang out and work for a few days. I’m staying around 10,500′ and getting in some last high altitude breaths and short rides before the biggest adventure of my life… Monday–


I’m finally feeling confident about CTR after many weeks of gulping down my fear. I’m ready.

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