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The Haps

By July 14, 2009March 22nd, 20173 Comments

After laying low for the weekend and doing some yoga and an easy ride on Sunday, there wasn’t much to tell.  However, I did happen to go out with my roommate -Brad, and my friend Jake Kirkpatrick.  First of all, I have discovered a new favorite IPA.

Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Company which is from California.  I know I’m usually a CO Brewery girl, but I make exceptions… like for this, and for Deschutes out of Oregon!


It is a double hopped IPA with great body, excellent drinkability, and has just the right amount of bite to it. Here is a good review on Beer Advocate.

After enjoying a pint of this delicious 8% ABV beer, and having The Reverend at home right before I left, I was having fun. The Reverend was suprising… Quadrupel belgian ale. It was pretty sweet to the taste, especially for a beer coming from Avery. It was a good change from my normal porter/stout habit, or IPA addiction problem.

Anyways, I stumbled upon (pun intended) a big wheel crit. News story here. It was so awesome, and there were a lot of spectators. The folks on the Big Wheels were dressed in costumes and doing skids!!!! Always armed with my camera, I took a video. I asked one of the costumed “riders” if my roommate could ride his big wheel. I wanted to soooo bad, but a short skirt and riding a big wheel = fail (well, for me at least 😉 )

Yes… and return of my frat boy like, obnoxious heckling voice. But this time, there was a bit of booze involved. The big boy in blue is my roommate. You’re my boy blue! Hmm… I wonder if I need a big wheel.




Some of us were riding in true style fixie style (Jake)

A full day at work yesterday and some Twisted Pine Brewery delights brings us to Tuesday. I met Kris Thompson from 303cycling at 730 AM for a 1.5 hour spin on the road bike to discuss photos, writing, and sweet bike topics! He has been using some of my photos on his site, and was surprised that the photos were taken with a tired point and shoot Olympus camera. It’s gotta be 3 years old by now, rained on multiple times, dropped on rides, you name it. It looks like it is well used, but it still takes good photos (or has been until recently!)


It was a gorgeous morning, and the warm, humid air felt good on my skin.

Picture 2
Click the image to go there. It’s a great site because not only does it have race news, a tab with a full Colorado Cycling events calendar, a forum, and a list of rides in the area, but it provides news on anything cycling related, and not just about racing.

Short track tomorrow night!!! What socks shall I wear? 🙂


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