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The In Between

By April 23, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I don’t know what to title this post, or how to follow up everything from the Yak Attack posts. It’s been several weeks since the race ended. In fact, I’m behind by nearly a month after being busy with making sure I gave you the full Yak Attack debriefing, sparing no details.

So let’s see, I got home from Nepal and was sick for a few days. I ate some bad food the last day I was there. It was brutal to be sick on that long of a travel “day.” We had a 4.5 hour flight from Kathmandu to Doha, a 6 hour layover in Doha, a 14.5 hour flight from Doha to Washington, and a 5.5 hour flight from Washington to Denver. I used the barf bag on the plane…the barf bag I always point and laugh at!

Beware, this isn’t a doggie bag!

Green on the airplane for 24 hours of flying.

Coming home was interesting. I dreamt of Nepal every night for weeks and when I first woke up, I wasn’t sure where I was or it’d feel like I dreamt the whole thing. The further away I get from the trip in time, the more surreal it feels. I had some intestinal funk that took a few weeks to go away. I crammed tons of probiotics down my throat until it was gone.

I got back to riding and a few days later and was glad to be on our home singletrack.

Unfortunately, I had a bad crash going too fast on some technical singletrack. I was trying to stay near the front of our little group that day and it required pedaling downhill to do it. I clipped my pedal on a rock and hurt my knee really bad. I was in the fetal position on the side of the trail, somehow got back to the trailhead, and my boyfriend had to come pick me up. That was the first time I ever had to get picked up from a ride. I couldn’t walk for 3 days or put any weight on my right leg. I was very worried I did something to my patellar tendon. After about 1.5 weeks, a doctor visit to BCSM, and some time on crutches, it was back to normal.

It was really nice to catch up with all my friends after being gone for so long. I also had a ton of work I was behind on. It wasn’t so bad to not be riding because of my knee because I had to bust my butt to catch up with Ergon stuff.

Here are some photos I took over the last few weeks. I signed up for instagram(@looneysonya) kind of recently, so I post some on there.

One morning(the day before hurting my knee), I went on a sunrise hike with Matt:

The last hike I did where I started with a handlamp was the ascent of Thorong La at 4
AM carrying a bike. This was much easier!

The Royal Arch in Boulder lit up brilliantly with the sunrise



I was glad to come back to American beer… like Lefthand Nitro Milk Stout and all of our glorious IPAs.


After my knee healed, I was back to training. Jason has me doing intervals which I haven’t done in years…that’ll help me go faster I think. :)

Before I knew it, my suitcase was back out again, and I packed up to leave on a long road trip for work and racing. Yuki, Jeff, and I hopped in the sprinter van and drove 21 hours to Santa Cruz.

My camera broke 2 days ago, again. Overuse, probably… Bummed about that.

CA report coming next!!

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