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the mayhem has begun

By August 31, 2007March 22nd, 2017No Comments

The chaotic juggling of all the events, activities, and commitments that comes in the fall with starting school has begun… except this time I have not one, but two jobs for a whopping 35 hours a week. My Sunflower Solar job is going great! I love it and I know I’m contributing to something bigger than just “the man” trying to make a buck. I also got a last minute offer to TA Circuits 2. I have never been a TA before and it’s been 5 years since I took Circuits 2, but I decided I was up for the challenge (and yes, it has definitely been that so far, but I’ll get there). I’m enjoying my classes. If wasn’t TAing circ. 2, I’d almost be free of the technical engineering stuff. My last graduate course is Leadership and Management which I am enjoying. I have decided (well, long ago) that engineering is really like pulling teeth, a painstaking process and I’m so excited to never have to deal with “school engineering” ever again. 15 weeks and counting!! Then I can just use it however I want (like management or designing solar systems…or not at all!)

I’ve been really frustrated with cycling lately. I came back from Hawaii and seemingly lost any ounce of fitness I had. I am able to go on long rides, but man, my legs are not feeling awesome. I know it’ll come back, but I feel for all you guys out there that struggle through every ride. Maybe it’s because I’m old now… My bday was Aug 22 and now I’m a ripe old cougar at 24. here are a few pics from going out that night.

Bri and I getting ready to go cause some trouble

I had to kiss this nasty buffalo on the wall to get a free drink. It was actually kinda gnarly

Me and Thurein, an engineer who doesn’t fit the stereotype…good job!

Me, Chris, and the Niki

Big pimpin the Brians.

As far as racing is concerned, I’ll be doing a handful of collegiate XCs to stay (err… get back) in shape. Looks like we have a good crew this year!

My car isn’t really working right now. Sunday was the last time I drove it. It turned off WHILE I was driving down Broadway. Fortunately it started again, but I am not in the mood for it to break down and leave me with a pain in my arse.

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow. yaaay!

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