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By April 24, 2007One Comment

So I went to TWO doctors yesterday after freaking out on Sunday night when I realized I may be walking the downhills. ahhh. First, I went to the walk in sports med clinic. The PT showed me some stretches to do and gave my these metal wrist braces to wear part of the day and at night. I have a wrist overuse problem from a combo of my recent sudden drastic increase in data analysis at the lab and riding. IT’s the same thing from Nova in AZ a few weeks ago. I have ulnar nerve irritation in BOTH arms, so the stretching is supposed to maybe knock it loose. Next, I went to the med. doc to see if cortizone was an option. She said it is only an option if I don’t do anything with impact since it can damage the tendons. No dice. It was recommended that I get a massage b/c possibly my muscles are compressing my nerve, go to the chiropractor (maybe the nerve prob is at the spinal level), and get PT.

Yes, in addition to my presentation due tomorrow, my exam on Thursday, my final paper project I’m supposed to be working on, my job, going to class, working on my bike, somehow packing, I have to go to all these appts before I leave. I have to do everything to get this figured out or I may not be able to race. Today I got a massage, and the guy was horrified with how tight my forearms, neck, and shoulder are. He really thinks this is the cause of it all. He put me in the hurt locker, but it felt good afterwards. I am going to try and get in with him Thursday so maybe the tissue will be loosened enough for my nerve to be free. I also have PT tomorrow and a chiropractor visit scheduled for Thursday night. I also have to go to Arvada b/c Lynn is going to help me install some new parts i got for my bike. She has the toolz. Then pack it up and head to CA. It’s going to be a HUGE relief to be on that plane Friday. I can’t wait. So that is the scoop. I”m doing all the voodoo I can to get my arms working. My legs are letting me ride like a pro, now if only my arms would work.

And just as a funny side note…I got a coffee in Golden the other day before my ride. IT was at a small shop that didn’t look too legit, but I didn’t want to support the starbucks machine. My jaw dropped as I watched her pour HERSHEY’S SYRUP into my coffee and barely steam the milk. It was NOT good. IT was like still milk (not foamy at all) with high fructorse corn syrup and fake chocolate dabbed with coffee. YUMMY.

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