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The trouble with bibs

By March 31, 200911 Comments

I know everyone has their own preference. I haven’t quite decided what mine is yet. I know with my Cannondale shorts, they got baggy and saggy causing chafe-age and a sad taint. I went through pros and cons today through my head, and coming back into the house after my ride solidified my main con for bib shorts.

You have to pee toward the end of your ride, but you want to wait till you get home. You get to the door and dig through your pockets, searching for your key. Your urge to pee gets worse and worse. Finally you find the semi-sharp piece of medal which is the ticket to your relief, and swiftly unlock the door and burst in. You gotta go so bad that you leave your bike outside and run inside to find a bathroom. If you were wearing normal shorts, all you have to do is pull them down and relieve yourself…but you’re wearing bibs, and you are a girl. I know you boys can pull stuff down and roll stuff up to get the job done. It’s a little harder as a girl, especially if your shorts are extra long. You fiendishly try to unzip your jacket. It gets snagged on fabric, so in a frantic state, you pull the jersey and jacket over your head. Almost there! You still have to pull the bibs off from your shoulders and down. Sweet relief. Without any ounce less of self-control, your bibs might have been a wet diaper.


  • Might make a great film, but I can definitely relate even though I am a guy. I think the cold weather layers is your main enemy. I have wanted to try bibs, but I don’t think I would like the straps on my shoulders, though I don’t like a band around my waiste either. Right now, I can decide on what color of tires and bar tape. Perhaps it is just a choice thing. Good luck in Arkansas.

  • Jordan says:

    the mind is a magical thing LOL

  • Big Dave says:

    Uhh…gross. I have to say that I hated the idea of bibs. Just the name is so wrong. However, in muddy or sandy conditions the main-taint-nance is far superior with a bib. When you gotta go you gotta go so I see your problem. Tough call. How about this…3 hours or less bib ridable…3.5 and over shorts a must for cop-a- squatability.

  • I love bib shorts, but do agree they present some problems. Wearing them under winter gear, I have encountered a similar problem. My bib tights are rather high so they don’t pull down easily either. I have had a few close calls. My wife has wondered what the hell was going on once or twice as I pretty much knocked everything over in the bathroom trying to get out of my clothes to have my moment of relief!

    A particular pair of my favorite bib shorts presents another problem. Nipple chafing! Let me tell you, I have never had such a horrible experience the first time that happened. I had to stop some 40 miles into my ride and take the straps off, then of course the shorts did not want to stay up so I am sure there was an occasion or two I had crack showing! So I always wear a thin base layer under the bib straps. I have been careful to check the material of my other bib shorts but am still afraid to ride without a base layer.

    I have had pretty good luck with my shorts lasting. I do take extra care in washing them as I have been told the material will wear faster if it rubs against other materials in the wash and dryer. Plus I dry everything on low. If you have to spend your own $ on clothing check out Hincapie bibs and shorts. At least the mens wear is very comfortable and have been lasting quite well.

  • JT says:

    My pea-sized bladder and I hate bibs. 🙂

  • Nick says:

    I like bibs.. They stay up.

  • sonya says:

    Mike – yeah, nipple chafing. I never thought of that one. I have an extra layer under there to hold the girls in place, so that is never really a problem. Male runners also have problems with nipple chafing – they put bandaids there.

    I wear what my sponsors give for clothes, and I think the Maisch clothes on the way should be gooood stuff. 🙂 I have worn Hincapie when I rode for UNM. I noticed the jersey was particularly awesome with big pockets. I still have the kit and wear it sometimes for fun when I can!

  • allison says:

    I really dig bib shorts, but I wear regular shorts a lot off road. I don’t think it’s a problem with the bibs as much as it is with being a *female* wearing the bibs 😉

    But, you do have a good argument against them, there!

  • Mike says:

    Sonya – I saw that episode of the Office 🙂

  • One of the funniest things i’ve ever witnessed is Dave Harris doing the bib gotta take a dump dance at a porta potty on the paradox trail

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