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There's no place like home… SATURDAY

By September 7, 2008March 22nd, 20173 Comments

although home is a relative term (and my roommates and I are getting the boot next month against a lawful contract), it’s still so nice to be home for a weekend. It was so awesome to ride some local trails and hang out with pretty much all of my best friends. I’m so lucky to have a group of girlfriends who are so supportive and just FUN. I’m looking forward to being around more in the off-season for some off-bike adventures. 😀 Hey-O!

Here is a recap of le weekend.


4 hour ride with coach, plus about 30 min of spinning afterwards to keep the legs happy. Sean and I went up to ride some of the best trails the Front Range has to offer.  That would be Sourdough, St. Vrain, and some other trails around Brainerd lake.  It’s almost fall, but not quite yet.  The trees aren’t changing at 11,500 ft… we got a ways to go and I’m in no rush.  Sean definitely lives up to his nickname of mountain bike jedi once again.  The technical, rocky trails didn’t phase him one bit. I have some cool videos, but the stupid uploader on flickr is trying to show me its authority because I can’t upload any freaking videos. I took a lot this weekend too. Grrr.    It was sort of welcomed sufferfest for me.  I think my body spent the week trying to heal my back instead of helping my legs recover. My back is doing much better…it’s only really painful if I have to put the power down for longer than 3 or 4 min on a climb. The pain is manageable and does not keep me from riding.

Def a ride to work on technical skills. I crashed once and it wasn’t bad. I just have some really cool new bruises to show certain people how tough I was while they were groveling at the Vapor Trail 125. 🙂

P9064096 Sean later did trials work to cross that river. Who says hopping on rocks has to be by foot?  Video coming eventually. Badass.

P9064099 Not what I call “buffed out singletrack”

P9064102 I found out I wasn’t allergic to bee stings. I suddenly got stung on the chin and then finger. I heard buzzing that stopped. 2 minutes later I heard buzzing in my ear again. I threw my helmet and gloves to the ground as fast as I could and this big guy came out. Thanks for putting your stinger in my face. Shortly after, Sean caught me by surprise and slapped my leg. There was yet ANOTHER bee crawling on me. Bees, I love your honey, but I don’t love it so much that I want you that close to me. Thanks.


Weee and YAAHHH, I hope I don’t fall!


That’d be a nasty mess if that porta-john was dropped. Ewww… and there must be some epic poo in there to require a crane of that stature to move it.


And yeah… Sean rode his bike up to about this point and then RAN up to the top of that mountain today in swift time and maximum suffering. Way to go, coach!


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