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Things are great!

By September 12, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

I have to say that right now, I am the happiest I have been in awhile. I am really enjoying my classes this semester because I actually got to choose what I’m taking(I guess I have to pay my own tuition to take what I want!). I am taking Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers and Brians, Minds, and Computers. They are both biomedical engineering courses and are heavily focused on Anatomy. It’s making me think that I will be doing the right thing pursuing Physiology after I finish my Masters!

Cycling hasn’t been going so great. I have been in a funk all season long and constantly feel overtrained. However, I haven’t really trained in almost 2 months and was just racing on the weekends. I am thinking there is more to it than just my training and that I may be anemic. I got a blood test today and the doc is dedicated to helping me figure out why I can’t seem to feel good on the bike. Thank you doc! I’m doing a food and environmental allergy test at the end of the month too. All this information will be really helpful for next season too. I’ll probably race some collegiate races in a week or two, but I’m considering not racing collegiate because of how bad my season has been and I’m feeling a littl burnt!

My parents and bro were here over Labor Day weekend and we had a good time!!

Brian and I watched this video last night. It’s about 9/11 being a conspiracy and actually seems pretty accurate. I definitely recommend you watching it. It is really scary.

Brian(the new man!) and I went to see Big Head Todd on Friday. I know a lot you probably haven’t heard of them, but they are fantastic…google them. We saw them at Chatauqua Auditorium and they did an acoustic performance. I have to show this here, it’s really funny. Brian and I always end up wearing the same color, but usually meet at someone’s house so there is the chance to change. Last weekend, we met at Southern Sun and woops, matching couple syndrome.

Matching couple syndrome

Hey mister, keep those hands where I can see ’em!

The FAM!

My bro and I. That’s the pimp look. ohhh yeah!

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