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Aaron Stuber and Jackson Long are the plant-based duo behind Thought for Food Podcast and TV. Their mission is to educate and inspire people to live healthy, compassionate, and adventurous lives through plant-based nutrition.  I personally enjoy their show and use it as one of my guides for staying up to date on the latest evidence-based nutritional science. They are both high level athletes and always have interesting insight about how to be a plant-based athlete.  They are both interesting individuals in their daily life as well. Aaron is a registered nurse and also a Health and Wellness Coach.  Jackson is an elite cyclist, finishing his Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition, and has the eCornell certification for Plant-Based Nutrition (something I want to get!)

I love these guys because they are authentic, unpretentious, and hilarious.  Th  is was a fun episode because we talked about a lot of the frequently asked questions about plant-based diets.  We talked about how they formed Though for Food, how to be a plant-based athlete, the truth about fat, the Blue Zones and longevity, and how to know what to believe in terms of nutritional studies.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • How TFF started
  • How to be a Plant-Based Athlete
  • The truth about fat and why you need it
  • caloric density
  • How do you know if a nutritional study is trustworthy?
  • Blue Zones
  • Tips for traveling on a plant-based diet

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