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Thumbs up for the weekend

By June 27, 2009March 22nd, 2017One Comment

Wow, I feel so disconnected this week! Now it’s early Saturday morning, so I finally have time to blog. Jeff, myself, Rebecca, Deejay, Fuzzy (Niner crew), and one of Jeff’s friends from Iowa are riding up in Breck for the day. Jeff and I will be coming back to Boulder, and one of my lifelong friends FINALLY came up this way from ABQ, so I’ll get to see her tonight.

Yesterday, I had time for a quick 1 hour spin. I was going to make it longer, but the lightning bolts, forming funnel cloud, and rain deterred me from that. It was kind of funny and ironic that the one hour I had to ride was the one hour the weather got crazy yesterday! After work, it was sunny and warm. Good mental training I guess!

I left my coffee at home in a mad rush to get to work at 730 AM. Son of a!, but it was not wasted. Add ice and it becomes my recovery ride drink. 🙂

I started on one side of town, and you could see the mass of clouds coming, so I went the other way thinking i was safe!

but then clouds came at me that way too. You can see a lightning bolt on the left side of the photo.

Looking back to where I just came from. 3 tornadoes touched down on the eastern plains as a result of these clouds!

and then I knew it was only a matter of time….

And then the inevitable… I didn’t really care. It was nice to just be on my bike and dissolve the stress.

I also finally got my hardtail!!! It’s ALMOST done. Needs a chain, Topeak bottle cages, and some grips. I will be taking it out for the first time tomorrow.

Time to head to Breck! I hope that the upper part of the course is clear this weekend… but fun lies ahead no matter what. I love mountain biking in the high country!

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