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Time Trial

By March 30, 2007March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Today was the TT and it was a great time. We rolled up to the venue this morning to get our numbers and whatnot. I still hadn’t received my 2007 license in the mail by the time that we left for AZ, so I was hoping there wouldn’t be any trouble. When I told the woman at the reg. table that I didn’t have my license, the officials told me that I needed to print something out proving I had one. Fortunately the hotel had a computer and a printer I could use. thank you comfort inn.

We got all our stuff and went back to the course, and prerode the TT one more time. The men’s field was pretty big(all of them had to go off before staging pro women), so I ended up getting a super warm-up– like TWO hours! I need a long warm-up and usually the Looney style is barely having 20 minutes to get ready. I was worried I’d have the leg funk at the start, but was getting stoked. I was really excited in the start chute. Last year I was always scared out of my mind at the start. I’m sure I’ll be like that at the XC, but for today, I was feeling happy. 🙂 I felt really good at the TT. It felt so great to go as hard as I could and challenge myself. Of course I made a few mistakes and didn’t attack a rocky downhill as fast as I wanted, but overall I’m happy with how I felt! It was the best I have felt all year and I was having such a great time. I was making the suffer face, but was smiling on the inside! Now I remember why I love racing. It’s also great to be around other people who race from around the country because it reminds you that you are not alone in your quest. And now a tidbit I know some people will find funny or interesting. My average HR was 200 for 25 something minutes. Sweeet. If I die, at least I’ll die having fun. 🙂 I ended up getting 20th which I’m stoked about. The guys had some rock star performances too. Brian especially getting 18th AFTER having a self-claimed mediocre performance. Not bad! After that I spun around and then prerode the Super-D. After all was said and I done, I spent like 4 hours on the bike today. I may be really paying for it later in the weekend. I did a couple of 7 minute ice bath intervals tonight to try and help the legs out a little.

Brrrr… the secret to ice baths is wearing a wool hat and a jacket to keep your core warm. However, it makes a big difference if your legs are destroyed.

I also wanted to mention “the stick.” google it. It’s a self massage stick that is really awesome. Tomorrow we have the Super D and the short track in the evening. I’m looking forward to chilling out in the morning tomorrow. Wahoo. Check back Sunday morning for a new post.


  • giantcu92 says:

    The stick rules. It is almost the best money one can spend on a race implement. I highly recommend it (as you well know). Good luck for the rest of this weekend.

  • primetime formerly known as slyfox says:

    weird, thing is i watched you guys pull up at the hotel and unload your car. right next to the pic you got posted. then my pal was surfing blogs and we found this and i was like i just saw that girl at the hotel.

    check it out, i linked it up since its so random and weird.

    holla back yo


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