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Today: Colorado. Tomorrow: Cali

By April 14, 2009March 22nd, 20177 Comments

Road trip numero 2 for the season is about to commence! Mr. Kerkove started the loooong drive today. I originally planned on going with him, but I got slammed at work and needed the extra two days. I’m flying out tomorrow night.

Yesterday was an amazing massage from Reed McCalvin. Massages play a huge roll in recovery for me. I have been getting about one a month, and they make me feel much better and also prevent injury. I wish I could get one every day! haha Reed is also very knowledgeable about many physiology related issues such as good supplements to take, stretching, and other factors that play a role in recovery.

I did an easy spin today to keep the legs open. Tomorrow is work and travel, and Thursday I get to the venue at Sea Otter! I can’t wait! Stay tuned, I’ll be updating a lot at the race. I am excited to meet lots of new and old friends!!

I was packing the other night and thought, “man! That’s a lot of calories in those two bags…” Race nutrition for the next two weeks. I don’t think I’ll use it all.

Some pretty sights from my ride:

P4146688 I like getting east of Boulder because I can see the big mountains!

A bit of rain gracing the blonde fields.

Spring starting to show through!! FINALLY! Grass is turning green, bushes and trees are budding.

New cycling shoes!!! Yeah! Northwave is our shoe sponsor. These are carbon soled and suh-weet! I think we are getting some with team colors too! I’ll be doing some short write-ups on all my awesome new team schwag! I got my sunglasses and helmet too, but I sent those with Jeff so you have to wait for pics. They rock. I still haven’t gotten my kit…. I know I’ll have them by the time I get back from my trip.

Bed Time!


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