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Tomorrow: 24 Hour Nationals

By September 28, 2012March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Well, my good friend, Jonathan Davis called me up last week while I was at Interbike and asked me if I wanted to race a coed duo with him at 24 Nats.  I honestly could not think of a better person as a teammate and I immediately said yes!

I probably should have thought about how tired I’d be after Interbike, but that was a non-issue at the time!  The good news is I’ve been resting all week, and I am ready to go!  The race starts tomorrow at noon and goes to Sunday at noon.  It’s at Palmer Park, like last year.  A bunch of friends are also racing, so I am looking forward to a really fun scene.   Last year, I was on the “dream team” for the 4 women category with Rebecca Rusch, Kelly Boniface, and Jenny Smith.  We took the win, and it was so fun!!

Coed duo is a really tough format of racing.  I raced Nationals with Yuki in ’09 at Moab and it was my first taste.  Coed is violent.  The most efficient way to race is to trade off every lap so there is no sleeping, and you have to go as hard as you can every other 1hr 20min!   I’m really excited to race with Jon because he is extremely positive, very strong, and has an amazing energy about him.   It’s going to hurt, but seeing him come in and out of the pit will stoke the fire!!

Charged! we use Radical Lights

If you want to follow our progress, go here.

And a quick photo dump:

I came back from Interbike, dusted off the 26″ hardtail and headed up to Sourdough for some punishment with Shane. The 29er was en route from Vegas. I hadn’t ridden the 26 since BC Bike Race. It still had Whistler dirt on it…and the last time I rode it I broke my wrist. It was good to shake that demon. Sourdough is also a very techy trail, but I had a good time. It was kind of weird to shift back to 26″ after riding on 29″ for 6 weeks. I still like both! The front end of the 26″ is much easier to whip around and maneuver through tech sections.

Fall leaves taking off!


And here are a couple pics from dirt demo at Interbike. It was 100F there! Sweltering!
Looks quite a bit different from fall in CO!


Tomorrow morning, game on! Let’s go legs!

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