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Top 10 ways to know you're in Albuquerque

By April 30, 2006No Comments

I was dreaming this up on the car ride back from Adam’s tonight. (YES! Got to finally see my man after ~6 long weeks)

10) You see billboards for Ron Bell
9) There are sticks in peoples’ windows to hold them shut in case a gangsta tries to break in
8) Adobe
7) You see low rider cadillacs/trucks with hydraulics. In the rear window there is old english writing of the person’s last name
(generally hispanic, but would be any)
6) When you go to a mexican restaurant, you know what they mean when they ask you if you want Christmas
5) Orange barrels and hooting construction workers…except they yell in spanish instead of white trash english.
4) You know what a hoochie mama is, what she dresses like, and how she talks.
3) Houses look like forts with black cast iron bars. (adobe forts of course)
2) You go to the Frontier to people watch.
1) The beautiful view of the Sandias!

I’m sure I’ll think of more later. If YOU think of more, don’t be shy to post it as a comment.

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