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By December 5, 2008March 22nd, 20177 Comments

Today I had everything I needed to ride the trainer deep down in the depths of Jeff’s basement.  I kept telling myself that it was better than being out in the slop and completely messing up my bike.

That would be my Cannondale Supersix and Old Reliable (my trainer)


Jeff rode the rollers for  30 min too.  “BRING IT!  STEP UP!  WHAT YOU GOT?!”


I bought this Blackburn trainer 4 years ago off craigslist for 20 dollars.  Rickety, yes.  Still works?  Yes.  Do I need a new trainer?  Probably… but I don’t ride it enough to make it worth it.  My trainer is like my car, old school, looks like it might break, I don’t use it too much, but is still functional enough to keep using.

Picture 1

To keep myself amused, I was alternating every 10 minutes doing low RPM- around 50, and then high RPM – around 100.  I thought it was cool to see how the power at low RPM was around 173 and 125 at low and high RPM respectively in upper zone 2.  FUN!

Tomorrow, I will be heading outside for 3.5-4 hours to make up some lost training time this week.  Supposedly the temp will be around 50 so it will be a bit wet and fun outside!
Picture 2 Carnizzle will be dragging my ass on this route.


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