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Pelvic health and training the pelvic floor for performance was something I thought only applied to pregnancy and post-partum women. So when I became pregnant, I went to see not one, but two pelvic floor physios to learn as much as I could about it.  During pregnancy, it mostly about education, but once I had my baby it was time to do the work.  I had some initial symptoms after having my baby- some that disappeared on their own and some that mandated professional help (that have since resolved).  The thing about pelvic health is that it isn’t just for women and it isn’t just for pregnancy.  If you’re an athlete, you might be missing a key piece of making your body work for you. I learned that the pelvic floor isn’t just the muscles in your pelvis. It’s how your entire core works in synchronicity- your diaphragm and breathing coordination with your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

In general, many athletes have tighter pelvic floor muscles.  I’ve always ha a tendency toward flared ribs, a tight thoracic spine and pectoral muscles. I found that retraining (or rather training my pelvic floor for the first time), I got stronger and more coordinated using my core and with breathing.  It’s something I’m continuing to work on.  That’s where I met Corinne Wade.  I went to see her post-partum to make sure I came back even stronger.

Corinne is a registered physiotherapist and has specialized in pelvic health for over 25 years.  She is the proud owner of Kare Physiotherapy and provides high-quality pelvic floor rehabilitation and treatment to men and women with pelvic floor pain or dysfunction. She is passionate about Women’s health and has a keen interest in helping women and female athletes strengthen their core and pelvic floor muscles postpartum. Corinne frequently lectures on many topics including male and female incontinence, core strengthening, injuries related to pregnancy, and male/female sexual dysfunction. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Canadian Continence Foundation, the International Pelvic Pain Society and the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research.


Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • what is the pelvic floor works and how it’s connected to the diaphragm
  • how to breathe properly
  • addressing the common, but not talked about: painful sex
  • some stretches to address a tight thoracic spine
  • Mythbusting around pelvic health
    • you only need to see a pelvic floor physio if you’ve had a baby
    • c-sections don’t need to see a pelvic floor physio
    • only females need pelvic floor physio
    • leaking urine is normal
    • I’m too old/it’s too late to get help
  • expectations around pregnancy and fitness
  • debunking the fear around diastasis recti 
  • let’s talk about prolapse
  • do kegels do anything?
  • training the pelvic floor for performance

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