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Training video

By January 15, 2010No Comments

Jeff is very talented with his graphic art and movie making skills. Yesterday, he rode with me for awhile, gathering clips to make a video of training. Thanks!

Here it is. The last part makes me laugh.

Sonya Looney training outside Boulder, CO from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.

He also was clever, and took a video of how I use my favorite Ergon grip – the GX3. We can argue to the death of whether bar ends are better or not. For me, personally, I won’t ride without ’em. I went a few years without bar ends to give it a try, and I missed them. When Ergon came out with the bigger bar end (I used to use the GX2 before the GX3), I was ecstatic. I had GX2 on one bike, and GX3 on the other bike… now I have GX3 on both.

Leverage, baby, YEAH! Click here b/c I can’t embed this for some reason. We need to play with the permissions.

It’s Friday, and I think it’ll be in the 50s here this weekend. I miss the NM sun. It seems brighter and the sky seems more blue there.

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