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Training weekend waaay up high.

By July 28, 2008March 22nd, 20174 Comments


Yes. Love.

This past weekend was really awesome. Jeff and I camped outside Twin Lakes (between Leadville and Aspen) and got in 2 3.5-4 hour quality days at 10,000 ft +. The views were spectacular, the trails were flowy and amazing, and the weather was nice and cool. I really can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.


Black goodness in the french press. Boulder Blend: Sumatra and French Roast.  That is Jeff’s french press. I bought a super cool orange one today!


Breakfast…. gotta do ‘er up right.  Here is a hint from chef Looney- put a little Bear Naked trail mix on top or even IN your pancakes.  Delicious…


Dinner time!!  People think it’s hard to cook while camping.  It’s not!!!  Just go for it. 🙂


“I will dominate your ass!!!!” (and he did too!)

Saturday was some Colorado Trail love up by Copper for about 4 hours. Coach came too to show off his MAD skills. He’s amazing on the bike. I am still in shock and awe.  Check out Jeff’s site for a video of Coach killing it over a log.


Whoa guns!!! This is Coach!!


Where the singletrack takes you.

My videos are getting better….

We had to do this a lot on the ride….


a hee hee hee.  Maybe just a little more than a high altitude high.  shhhhh!



That is called Janet’s Cabin. It’s one of those huts people hike, ski, or snowshoe to in the winter.


CO Trail. I really need to ride from Denver to Durango on this thing. Must conquer!!!!!


Super awesome. I feel so cool riding in the FJ.


Imperial fingers everywhere!  look! Views everywhere!


move along, move along! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!


Mr Kerkove giving the trail hell.


Sometimes when you’re camping, a baby wipe showdown is the only way to get clean. And yes, the bag says biohazard. I needed a souvenir from the doc’s office at one point to be put to good use. 🙂


Perfection.  Wow.


Jeff is so tough that he drinks and bleeds chain lube.

Sunday was awesome because I got to ride the large and in charge climb that is in the Leadville 100. It’s a mountain road up to Columbine Mine at about 12,500′. It actually felt easier than the singletrack ride from Saturday even though it was roughly the same elevation… must be all that fireroad climbing in the snow to Gold Hill all winter long that helped.


On top of the world.


That would be a large herd of elk on the right slope.



So many cool pics from this road…what to post….

Go here and here for more pics.


The bane of my existence. Every Sunday back to Denver on I-70 from the mountains is like this. Rush hour, and then it magically fixes itself after about 15-20 miles. I don’t understand the physics of traffic.


Next race…Sol Vista MSC this weekend.


  • Jason says:

    As I posted on Jeff’s blog- THAT’S LIVIN’!
    Those pancakes looked amazing too.
    OK, NOW I’m hungry. Thanks.

  • BKae Watt says:

    Hey! Jon and I did the Searle Pass ride last year and would love to do it again this summer! Pretty awesome huh! 🙂 You heading up to Crankworx in Winter Park this weekend? I am most likely going to do the dual slalom. We’ll see!

  • sonya says:

    It’s suuuper fun! Do it again! I intend to ride more chunks of the CO Trail this year leading up to the whole thing over maybe a week. 🙂 That’s the dream. I will be skipping Crankworks and racing the Mountain States Cup XC on Sunday in Sol Vista. It’s near Winter Park, you should come check it out! I’ll have my AWESOME Cannondale Scalpel and I think we will have the Ergon tent all set up. As much as I’d love to do 2 days in a row of XC racing, I think coach would have my head. 🙂 oh, and my legs would be rotten meat sticks…maggots and all.

  • cynthia says:

    yum! pancakes! oh and the singletrack is nice too. 😉

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