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I leave for Brazil for the Claro Brazil Ride Stage Race in 36 days.  That’s actually a fair amount of time, and I actually get to be in town for most of those which is a huge and welcome change for me after the last year of flying by the seat of my pants.  I’m excited to not constantly be behind in everything, and to settle into a more regular schedule.

It feels good (and also kind of weird) to be training regularly at this time of year.  Usually, I’m wrapping things up for the season and taking time off the bike.  Now, it’s crunch time for training for this stage race.  I’m happy to report that I’m feeling stronger than I have all season.  Let’s see if I can keep it up, I’ll need very bit of it.

I’m mixing up my training with rides on the road and rides on the mountain bike, and trying to keep my ride around 3-4 hours.  Some days are more, some days are less.  I figure the 324 mile stage race will be about a 22-24 hour week at race pace, maybe a little bit more.  The hardest thing at the Breck Epic was learning how to start the day feeling sore and tired.  Overcoming both the mental and physical anguish, so I’m replicating that, just not on as grand of a scale.

It was a great fall day on the road bike.  I barely even noticed I was doing repeats up Lee Hill and Old Stage because I had so much on my mind and I felt good!

I was also sporting my newest socks that Sock Guy gave me at Interbike.

They are hard to read, sadly. It should be in WHITE! The text says, “Bad Motherfucker” to match my Breck Epic belt bucker. I like being a bad motherfucker… or at least pretending to be!! I used to feel embarrassed about the scars on my body. Not anymore. While I don’t have any ink tattoos, I like to think of my scars at natural tattoos, and each has a memory associated with it.


Power on.

I had a fabulous time in ABQ. It’s never relaxing to go home because there are so many people to see, so many trails to shred. I think I’ve mentioned that. My next trip, I’ll have more time to catch up with more of my friends… meaning more time to hit up my favorite breweries and places to eat!

The rest of the trip in a nutshell:
Indulging in red and green chile sauce smothered on all kinds of good stuff. I never appreciated New Mexican food until I moved to CO.

Causing more trouble with my cousin. We have been troublemakers together since day 1.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Our dads are trouble too. :) To be in on the Looney side of the family, it’s a must that you wear a Hawaiian shirt if you’re a man. hahaha

Finally meeting the start of a new generation of trouble-maker. My 2nd cousin/”nephew,” Braeden. I can’t wait to corrupt him, like teach him bad words and give him loud toys to torture my cousin! ..although I think she already accidentally almost taught him the “eff” word.

And treasuring every moment I get with Grandma and Grandpa. Hugging them extra tight. They have been close my whole life.

More indulging. I love me a big steak (cooked, of course, but rare to medium rare) A good wine pairing is also a must :)

..and of course, riding in the high desert.



The weather here in Colorado is about to get bipolar. The fall will slip away before my eyes and wheels. The singletrack will rest for another season. One day it’ll be 75 and sunny and the next we’ll have a foot of snow. I’m dreading the snow. Winter is beautiful, but it can be so depressing. I’m more of a fan of green, energy, sunshine, fresh blooms, life, and color. Winter is always a cold, solemn, black and white time. I always get depressed during the winter, and we don’t have it all that bad in the Front Range! So… in the meantime, I’ll hang on to fall and enjoy what I have! It won’t hurt to see the ocean and mountains in Brazil in November either! Yipee! Things are coming together.

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