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Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 6

By June 14, 2013March 22nd, 2017No Comments

Stage 6 was touted as the queen stage with Tussey Ridge being part of it.  When I raced TSE 2 years ago and got lost for over 30 minutes and I wanted to make sure I didn’t take a wrong turn again!

I can’t really remember how it went down and the details are probably pretty boring! I do remember getting really angry in the beginning at the endless rock gardens. I kept trying to get through them and they kept making my tires come to a halt… or I’d bounce off the rocks running too much tire pressure. It was a tricky trade-off because the rocks are sharp. Too much pressure and you bounce off, too little and you slit a sidewall as I had discovered for Stage 1. I was glad to put that behind me. I normally keep my cool, but I was actually yelling in frustration out loud at them.


Things got better later in the race. Tussey Ridge although hot, was really fun. I was able to flow on the trail ok and was happy that I rode it smoothly after my poor technical riding in the beginning! Things came around for me and I was making ground! I came 5th for the day, but I was not ready for the stage to end!

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Queen stage did not disappoint. My legs were feeling better at the end of the race than they did in the beginning, so that was a plus.

I was looking forward to the last day- Stage 7…and of course, the infamous Stage 8 (party!!!)

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