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Trust in cow poo. It's the only way.

By February 1, 2007March 22nd, 2017One Comment

That’s right dear friends… the cow poo prediction never fails. That’s why it’s been snowing here the last 2 days and the high tomorrow is FOUR!!!!!!!!! Epic, it’s the apocalypse.

I’m a little mortified today. My friend Jack, who was come to some of my races over the past couple of years knows my suffer face well. He’s seen me in ripe form making “the face.” We were having sushi the other day, and he said, “you know sonya, I think there is a picture of you in the rec center. The suffer face looks like you, but the girl doesn’t really look like you. ” Immediately that struck fear in my heart because I knew which picture it could be. Today I went to the gym (gonna be sooorrre tomorrow, started my power phase in the weightroom),and took a gander at the bulletin boards by the weight room. Much to my horror, it was the bad picture. There are so many cooler ones of me riding my bike. But this…an 8×10 full color shot of my head smack center of the bulletin board was there. At least I was lucky enough that my name isn’t underneath. Here it is…

For the record, this was collegiate Nationals in 05 in Seven Springs, PA. It was freeeeezing, probably below 20, super muddy, and there was snow everywhere. I usually at least am wearing sunglasses to cover the pain in my eyes, but I have to say, I look freakin scary in this picture. so there it is boys. That’s right. A full size sheet of paper with my mug. SCARY SCARY!!!!!!

I think I’m allergic to this cold. I’ve had some crazy sinuses today, a bad headache since I got up this morning, AND I took my nasal steroid AND an antibiotic decongestant. See! The snow is making me sick. Thank you mother nature, for snowing on my rest week. I start up the next training block next week and the weather is supposed to shape up on Sunday. Aren’t I a lucky gal?

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