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TT= Tired Toots

By April 12, 20085 Comments

We got to Fruita a little too late last night for me to pre-ride the TT course which turned out to be a very poor choice. I’m staying with the Tough Girls this weekend (my old team!) and everyone was going out for Mexican. I didn’t want to be a pain and make people drive me around everywhere so I could eat my rice pasta, so I reluctantly went with them. I had a Super Burrito which turned out to be a super gut bomb which had me feeling nauseated all morning. No, it’s not morning sickness. ha ha. I figured while I was doing everything wrong for race prep, I might as well have a beer too. It wasn’t worth it…Dos Equis Amber is not awesome. I am ultra spoiled by the Colorado microbrews. I had my nose in the air.

So today, race day. The Cannondale trailer had a HUGE presence at the race, and Eric was there to make me feel like a real pro. I got lots of comments today from all my Colorado buddies saying, “You changed colors!” I was incognito with my orange jersey and short hair. I have to say, I do miss my long braid resting on my shoulder for races. Boys, you wouldn’t understand.

I went to pre-ride part of the XC course…again, not my strength…. flat double track for a long time. The rocky singletrack will be good though!! My legs felt like rotten meat sticks which made me not even want to start the TT. I drank an energy drink and listened to some sweeeet techno to pep up and felt a little more excited. The big guns showed up to this race including Georgia Gould, Katie Compton, and Kelli Emmett. It’s cool that the paid pros come to mountain states cup races. I kept hearing about how technical the TT was and without my preride, I was very nervous about it. Turns out the riding was very similar to ABQ foothills riding (well, once you hit the singletrack) and I barely noticed the “crazy technical parts.” My legs felt like jello and I was not the happiest camper for the flat part of the race. However, I was able to shut up Negatron (that voice in my head that says mean things to me). I still rode around after the race with a big grin because I love mountain biking. I am still SO IMPRESSED with my Cannondale Scalpel. It’s the best bike I have ever had and it has really made me a more confident rider. I have noticed from the past two weekends that I am riding the technical sections like a pro. Pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So I got 13th, was 3 sec out of 12th, 7 sec out of 11th and I think like 15 or 20 sec out of top 10. If I had pre-rode the course, I feel confident I would have gotten top 10. It’s fun that it’s so tight and competitive. This is my 4th or 5th year racing (I thought I had been racing 5 years, but for some reason, it might be 4) and I am still learning the hard way. Eh well.

It’s still blatantly obvious that I don’t have that top end, but it’ll come. I think the XC tomorrow will go better, and my legs are warmed up now. I’m starting my race season ice bath ritual tonight too. Niiiice. Plastic Super 8 Motel bathtub. Sounds like heaven.

Oh yes, and negative comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted so don’t waste your breath. This website is for fun, not a forum. Keep your Negatrons in check. haha ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Dave says:

    These ice baths must be more of a girl thing, I don’t see many guys doing it, I think of a few reasons why though ๐Ÿ˜›

    Good job at the race, I laughed at the whole Negatron thing, I think you may be a bit of a geek in the inside ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good one!

  • sonya says:

    haha. Yes, the appendages that could be dipped in an ice bath are a bit more painful for men. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, I am a geek…c’mon, I have a Master’s degree in electrical engineering.

  • Carla says:

    haha it’s funny that you mentioned the ice baths- i actually read a whole thread about them on the national frisbee forum yesterday. apparently there are plenty of guys that do them too! (according to the message board everything becomes numb before too long) sounds like craziness to me, but whatever works! Congrats on the race- i love reading your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vivien says:

    Good Race, congratulation…

    In your back summary, you say than you’ll go at Sea Otter Classic the next week-end, I hope you’ll take pictures and make summary for your blog.

    I dream to do this race oneday…

    The next week-end, I’ll do the first World Cup at Houffalize, Belgium.


  • lancejohnson says:

    yes, the ice bath is the ultimate recovery trick for sore legs. good luck with the road stuff in cali…

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