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Stacey Shand might be the most experienced ultra athlete on the planet. Not only has she ran over 100 marathons, but she has raced Ironman Triathlons, podiumed at Ultraman, Badwater… twice, won Double Ironman Triathlons and taken overall fastest times on running segments (faster than any man as well), raced a road bike for 508 miles straight at the Silver Stage 508, done races in the Arctic Circle, ran for 7 days through volcanoes in Costa Rica, and also the Marathon de Sables. I’m exhausted just beginning to discuss her race resume!

Stacey aka Racey Stacey is a wealth of knowledge and shares her secrets of dealing with extremes, the importance of meticulous preparation, being a female in an ultra sport, and even talked about her shoes melting at the Badwater 135, arguably the toughest ultra-running event on the planet.

Topics Discussed in the Podcast 

  • going from non-athlete to ultra athlete
  • how not to quit
  • how to prepare
  • dealing with extreme
  • being a female in an ultra sport
  • Badwater 135

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