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Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, my website crashed a couple weeks ago.  It’s looking like I’ve lost everything from the past 2 years, but posts older than that were backed up.  I do have some old ones I can dig up (from the previous 2 years) via my Elevation Outdoors blog.  It’s really sad to lose something you’ve worked so hard on… It really is a shame to lose 2 years of work.  However, I’m trying to move past that and start fresh.  This blog is a placeholder for a new website I’m working on with SOS Communications.  Thanks Shanti!

Hopefully I will have a new site up and running in a couple weeks (and with back ups in case of another server meltdown).

Since my site has been down the last couple weeks, I’m so behind!  I still owe you a BC Bike Race recap (wow…sooo behind) and some photo/updates from some of my training rides leading up to Leadville.

Speaking of Leadville, the race is TOMORROW!

Here are a few pre-race thoughts on our pre-ride yesterday:



Reba, Ina(4th at the Olympics last week!) all saying howdy


It’s been fun seeing our Topeak Ergon European contingent during the days leading up to the race. The women’s field is stacked as ever, but I’m excited for the challenge. Some of my competition is counting me out because I’m racing in a cast. Don’t count me out! I’m going for it! While my time goal is not close to the winning time from last year, I would like to complete my first Leadville in 8 hours. It’s a challenging goal, but I think it’s reasonable. Maybe I will surprise myself!

Yuki and I organized our bottles and nutrition for tomorrow. Ready to go! I’m anxious to get started!

It’s been cool to meet some new people at the race. Looking forward to racing the most popular mountain bike race in the country tomorrow! I’m going to give it my best shot! Some people ask me why I’m racing in a cast. For one, I got the okay from the doctor. My fracture is very minor and is in healing. I just have to go slow on the downhill. It will be frustrating, but necessary. I want to do Leadville despite my broken wrist to show that even though you’ll have bumps in the road, they don’t always have to be a setback (within reason of course) So here’s to riding OVER the bumps in the road.

I’ll be reporting post Leadville on Sunday! Come back and check!

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