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U.S.G..why didn't I pay more attention to my rear wheel? ….P!!!

By November 4, 2006March 22nd, 2017No Comments

A beautiful day in Longomont, CO.

Long ago, Adam gave me the nickname of Schleppy, as of Schleprock from the Flintstones. For those of you who aren’t Flintstone saavy, Schleprock always had bad things happening to him and was extremely clumsy. In fact, here’s a photo.

Actually, a friend, Joe Ehasz told me about Schleprock and the name got passed down. Anyways….

So for those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m not what you call “smooth” or “graceful.” I trip on my own feet, somehow manage to hurt myself doing stupid stuff(i.e. stitches in the foot running away from a huge moth(MOTHRA!) or falling down,ripping my knee open trying to kill an idiot guy who pinched my butt at a graduation party and crying in the car at 2 AM on the way to the ER because I wouldn’t be able to race the Iron Horse), having my cassette come loose, or the most recent- having my back wheel fall off at a USGP Cyclocross event. You get the picture.

So yes today was the USGP #3. The course was pretty cool and there was a lot of competition at the line. I knew I wasn’t feeling hot when I woke up this morning with my knee STILL hurting from last week, my rib still somewhat fractured from a mtb crash 1.5 months ago, and general aches and pains in my shoulder and hamstrings. This was confirmed when I was preriding the course. The event was huge– I never knew cyclocross was this big. The start was fast and furious, a real cluster#*@%. I was already off the back anyway, so when my wheel all of a sudden came out and I had to stop to fix it, I was WAAAAY off the back. I tried to fight my way back in with my rotten meatstick legs, and 2nd to last place girl was shouldering me when I tried to pass her. I gave it right back, but she attacked on the road and I decided I was too lazy. Oh well. I didn’t have my heart in it today, but that’s ok. I still had fun. I tried to take it kind of easy and am hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow. There was a GREAT turnout of spectators. Thank you to all of you guys who cheer people like me on even though I’m bringing up the rear. thank you thank you!!! My goal after I gave up was to smile smile smile. I will repeat this quote by Floyd Landis(Yeah, I know he’s a doper, but I still like this quote) : “The best thing to do is just keep on smiling and pretend you’re okay, even if you’re not. That goes not just for bad weather, but for any time you’re suffering. Sometimes it helps if you smile, even when it hurts.” I think people enjoy watching you when you show some expression other than the pain face and you make noises now and then. haha

yeeeeahh. that’s a sweet mullet. 3 in a row.

The mens race was really exciting to watch. Ryan Trebon was way off the front, what a talent machine! It’s amazing how much faster the guys go than we do! During the first lap, there was a dust cloud from the madness. A lot of my friends came out to watch and some to race. It was fun. Brian Fuentes was definitely representing looking like he was straight out of the early 90s. Everyone was serious and trying to be all pro and here’s Brian. He purposely didnt’ shave for a week AND let his hair get outta control for this weekend. I’ll say AMEN when he shaves his shit and cuts his hair! 😉

This is how you get the ladies. MMMMM.

Mike West and Bryan Alders killin it

Is this guy fo’ real? Collin, Brian, Grinch.

Also, props to Nat Ross, the 24 hr master, for racing these furious races at a super anaerobic level. He was sporting a black and PINK TGP skinsuit. ahhhhhh yeeahhhh!
Mr. Nat

and now, I’m exhausted, but burning a short fuse. I have a big exam and a paper to write for Monday morning at 8 AM. Gotta love being a student, bike racing, and working. It definitely keeps me on my toes. I really admire and dream every day for the lifestyle that the real deal pros have where their job IS riding and that’s all they have to worry about.

Depite the rough day, I’m looking forward to USGP #4 tomorrow. It’s in South Boulder, my backyard! I can ride there in less than 5 minutes from my house. YES!

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