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Valmont Bike Park

By January 28, 2009March 22nd, 201712 Comments

After reading Dave C’s poetic and introspective blog post on Camp Lynda last night, it got the gears in my brain turning. The sound of mashing gears was deafening. So instead of unpacking and cleaning the nest of dirty cycling clothes and gear from the weekend, I sat at my desk and played my guitar. That always relaxes me.

I am a very happy person 95% of the time, but I was extra happy last night for some reason. The kind where your stomach is fluttering and you can’t wipe the smile plastered on your face. My cheeks were hurting, it’s a problem. Then I was trying to figure out why I was smiling and it started with the fact that I went to the BMA Valmont Bike Park fundraiser at Boulder Cyclesport. People there were so excited about the outdoors and cycling. The vibe was incredible and everyone was happy and chatty.
I love meeting new people, especially people who love cycling and it was great to see so many people get together for a great cause.

I stole these photos from Mr. Keller, who was taking photos in full force. My photos weren’t as cool.

Pete speaking before the crowd.

Please don’t hold my dorkiness against me….

I know, scary close- up. AHHH!

Discussing different donation options with Mike Barrow.

Bobby raising the excitement level…

Brandon Dwight, head of the Cyclesport crowd.

Check tomorrow on the Ergon blog. I will be doing a similar post on the Valmont Bike Park with a little bit different footage later.

Ok, so that was a long distraction to my original point. Why did going to that fundraiser make me so happy? It’s because I love riding my bike. Most “normal” people think I am a nutcase. I often hear, “You did what? You rode your bike how long? You are crazy. Why do you want to ride your bike that long? That is punishment.” etc, etc. Stuff I know most of you have heard from your non-endurance sport junkie peers.

I began to think about why I love cycling, running, hiking – those types of sports. An obvious yet momentous thought struck me. I love endurance sports because it makes me feel alive. The air blowing on my face, the pain, the smell of the mountains, the hunger, the cold, the heat, breathing, the sense of accomplishment, seeing so many beautiful parts of this earth, the dirt, the excitement of clearing a technical section or climbing a huge hill, hearing my tires crunch on the dirt, observing animals in nature, seeing how all these elements effect the people I am riding with – that is the gift of being alive. Connecting with people who have this same love (or sickness, whatever you want to call it) contributes to that feeling. So that is why I was busting at the seams with joy last night – because I realized that I am so lucky to feel so alive. That is all.


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