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VIDEO – Betasso Loop today

By May 17, 2009March 22nd, 20172 Comments

Today was supposed to be a recovery day…


it ended up being a little more like a zone 2/tempo day trying to keep up with Mr. Kerkove on the trail! This time, the camera was on my bike….

Betasso Loop from Jeff Kerkove on Vimeo.


We also stopped by North Boulder Park to watch some of the crits going on. I kept joking about jumping in on my mtb. haha!

Me about to start jumping up and down and screaming. This was the cat 2 race. We went home, ate some food and came back for the men’s pro race too.

Ahhh, watermelon when it’s 80F out is wonderful…. also a good way to hydrate. 90% water, and 11g carbs per cup.


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