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Views in dem hills

By May 3, 2009March 22nd, 20175 Comments

The sun was out, and the clouds had lifted this morning.

First we rode up 4 mile, which is a nice mellow road climb.

The we turned off onto a dirt road (different from my normal route) and took Switzerland Trail up to Gold Hill Road (a few miles up past Gold Hill). It was awesome, and I think I will take that way from now on.


I was lucky to have gooood company with me today. Today’s climb was no more than a zone 2 effort.   If it started to burn or hurt, I backed off. I must rebuild the mojo for my upcoming race, Front Range 50, on Saturday.

It was a nice, relaxing, fresh, beautiful day after the rain yesterday.

3.5 glorious, mellow hours. 35 miles, 4000′ of climbing. Despite the rain, it was good to get 7.5 hours of bike time in this weekend. Now it’s time to rest up for a couple of days, rebuild, and open everything back up again to rev the engine. Hopefully it behaves like a Corvette ZR1, not like a busted ass 94 Nissan Sentra. 😀


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