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Viva la weekend!

By February 7, 2010March 22nd, 20173 Comments

Well, it’s almost over, but at least I can watch my roommate jump up and down and scream at the TV when the SuperBowl is on. I’ve been watching and enjoying a bit of football this year, and part of it is because of the entertainment that my roommate provides. I will admit though… there have been times where I found myself screaming and hooting very spontaneously. Like, “Whoa! Did I just do that?”

Anyway… the weather went to snow to today, so I made my intervals count yesterday. Spent ample time riding uphill, and some time riding around my LT. The plan was to search and destroy (to a point). The cool thing was that by the end of the ride, I was still hungry for more!


45 degrees, return of Sonya the sweat beast, sunshine…

Screen shot 2010-02-06 at 4.39.13 PM
Altitude and HR profile. Actual structure to my workouts is nice now that 3 months of base is over. Wooo!

I still freeze riding down the canyons (mostly my hands, even with craft lobster gloves)

And scenery to make me thankful to live in Colorado. I really do love it here (when the weather is relatively nice)

and then there is today… Sunday.


Thank goodness Jeff was here to help motivate.

Icy death tunnel.

Coyote! Sorry buddy, the cows are too big for you.


Still winter… stupid groundhog day.

At least I’ll be in Tuscon on Thursday for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo!

If you want to check out the race recap from last year, click here. And since everyone appears to be going for The Saints in the Superbowl, GO COLTS! (actually, I don’t really care! hehe)


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